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AC Goldman, an established ICT company and subcontractor of CSIRT, in collaboration with Silensec, a management consulting technologies services and training company specialized in information security, want to hire a C/C++ Software Developer who will be reporting to a joint consortium for the development of innovative software applications targeting financial and critical infrastructure organisations.

Key Responsibilities

· Develop modular and testable components and systems related to low level platforms

· Build systems for digesting, transforming and harmonizing large amounts of complex data structures

· Work on projects related to system level mechanics including but not limited to virtualization, instrumentation and resource monitoring on multiple platforms.

Required Qualifications and Experience

·  5+ years experience in working with languages like C or C++

· Experience in working with data storage systems (SQL and NoSQL)

· BSc or higher in Computer Science or similar field

Core Skills

· Strong programming skills with good program solving and debugging abilities.

· Clear understanding in the design and development of components capable of parsing highly complex data structures in C/C++

· Thorough understanding of messaging queue systems and asynchronous services

· A solid understanding of secure coding and best practices

· Disciplined approach to testing, documentation and quality assurance

Desired Skills

· Clear understanding of low level processor architectures such as x86, x86_64 and ARM

· Experience in developing middle end and back end components for compilers (register allocation, data flow analysis, optimization, etc)

· Understanding of instrumentation mechanics on both Windows and UNIX environments

· Solid system level understanding of Windows and UNIX system internals

· Experience in developing disassembler, hypervisor and instrumentation components

· Experience with user/kernel level debugging and software reverse engineering

Submission and Review

To apply send your CV and a short cover letter to

· Submitted documents filename(s) must contain your first, middle (if applicable) and last name

· Successful applicants will be asked to take a technical interview and exercise to qualify to the next stage

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